COVID-19 School Closure FAQs

Is the school open?

Coupals is currently closed to pupils except for those whose parents have been designated as Key Workers by the government. Pupils who fall in to vulnerable groups (such as those with an Education Health Care Plan or families with a social worker attached) are also able to attend school during this period of partial closure.


When will school return? 

No date has been set for schools to reopen. This decision, like the decision to close, will be made the UK Government.


Are SATS still taking place?

No. The government have announced that all statutory assessments will not take place this year. For primary school pupils these include: 

•  Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (Reception pupils)

•  Phonics Screening Check (Year 1)

•  KS1 SATS (Year 2)

•  Multiplication times table check (Year 4)

•  KS2 SATS (Year 6) 


How is work being shared with pupils during school closure? 

During the period of school closure work is being set primarily on Showbie. Details of how to access this were shared with pupils in March before school closed. If you are having difficulties with accessing Showbie please get in touch with your child’s teacher via the year group email addresses on this page. 

For some pupils, learning has been sent home in paper packs upon request. If you would like to request a paper pack for your child please phone the school office on 01440 763933. 


What are the arrangements for transition to secondary school?

With a date for returning to school still uncertain we are unsure whether the usual transition arrangements for our pupils to secondary school will take place as planned. We are currently working with our secondary colleagues to look at, and plan, arrangements for transition ahead of September. We will contact parents with information regarding these plans as soon as we have it.


What are the arrangements for new starters in September 2020 in Reception?

As with secondary transition, the lack of a return date has cast some uncertainty on our transition arrangements. We hope to be able to accommodate our new Reception pupils in school face to face before they take up their places in September. However, we are planning contingencies including a virtual tour of the school, virtual home visits and virtual story times through Zoom. Parents can keep up to date with the plans in place for new starters by following the link below on our website:


How can I contact my child’s teacher during the closure?

 We know that with parents helping their children with home learning during isolation there will be lots of questions. There are three main ways to get in touch with your child’s teacher during this period: 

1.  Send a message through your child’s Showbie account 

2.  Email one of the year group email addresses posted below

3.  Phone the school office on 01440 763933 to speak to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteachers 

If you have any concerns that are not related to your child’s learning you can email the address below. Emails sent to this address will be responded to by a member of the Leadership Team as soon as possible:


I think I may now be entitled to Free School Meals. What should I do? 

We understand that many people have experienced changes in circumstances as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. If you believe that, due to a change of circumstances, you may now be eligible for Free School Meals  please get in touch with the School Office on 01440 763933 or apply directly online via the link below:


I am not eligible for Free School Meals but am struggling financially. Can the school help? 

We understand that families who are not entitled to Free School Meals may be experiencing financial difficulties. If you are experiencing such difficulties we may be able to help you access financial support. If you are concerned or experiencing difficulties please email the address below and we will get in touch as soon as possible to help:


Will school reports be sent out as normal this year? 

Yes. Staff will write school reports as usual this year. Our reports will be written in a new, slightly shortened format. This is due to a reduction in the amount of time children have been taught in school as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe that the new report format will place more focus on pupils’ perspectives of learning and give parents a more holistic picture of their children’s learning throughout the year. 


How will school closure impact my child?  

In all honesty, this is a difficult question to answer as the impact of closure will be multi faceted. The most obvious is that any period of school closure will lead to children’s learning being impacted. We are grateful for the effort that parents are putting in to home learning as this will be important in keeping children ready to learn when they return. It is important that parents do not worry about ‘slippage’ in their children’s learning. The first thing we will do when the children return is to identify and address any gaps in learning. Our teachers are highly trained professionals and this is what they do everyday. We are confident that they will help children to catch up speedily. 

We understand that returning to school will be a challenge for some pupils. Where it is difficult to get back in to a routine or where children are anxious about returning to school our staff will be able to support them. It is important to recognise that returning to school will be a readjustment for all pupils and for the staff too.


Will the Year 5/6 trip to Holt Hall go ahead?

We are liaising regularly with Holt Hall with regards to the trip. They have cancelled all of their trips taking place in May. As our trip is due to run in July no final decision has been made. We are dependent on knowing when we will return to school before a decision can be made with regards to the trip. We will continue to liaise with Holt Hall and inform parents as soon as a decision can, and has, been made.