The school governors are local people representing the parents and public in important matters involving the school.  The governors, in co-operation with the headteacher, are concerned with the educational facilities, the maintenance of the school building, the appointment of staff, and the general administration of the school curriculum. The day-to-day details of teaching and management are the responsibility of the headteacher and the teaching staff.

Governors and trustees are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The role of the governing board is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school. Time and time again Ofsted (the national inspection body for schools) has noted that the most effective schools demonstrate effective leadership and management - including by the governing board.

Regular  meetings are held, which coupled with frequent visits to the school, mean that the Governing Body is able to carry out their growing responsibilities.  A range of Working Parties and Committees operate to enable the governors to contribute to the administration of the school and support the teachers in their work with. 

Our governing body members are: 

Mrs Elaine McManus - Chair of Governors (Chair of Resources committee)

Mrs Michelle Andrews - Vice Chair of Governors (Chair of Premises/Health and Safety committee) (Co-opted) 

Dr Charles Steward - Staff (Co-opted) Governor 

Mary Nicholls - Trust Governor 

Mr Len Russell - Community Governor 

Mr David Maguire - Headteacher (Ex Officio) 

Mrs Anna Garner - Parent Governor

Mr Joe Dada-Woodley  - Parent Governor

Mrs Denise Harriss  - Staff Governor  

Our Chair of Governors, Elaine McManus, can be contacted by email ( or at Stepping Stones Childcare and Education CIC on 01440 703833 or in writing:

Elaine McManus

Coupals Primary Academy Chair of Governors 

Stepping Stones Childcare and Education CIC

C/O Coupals Primary Academy

Chalkstone Way





If you are interested in becoming a governor at Coupals please contact Mr Maguire (Headteacher) on 01440 763933 or Elaine McManus (Chair of Governors) on the details above.