Potential reopening FAQs

Are schools definitely opening on June 1st?

No. June 1st is the date set by the government as the ‘earliest’ that children could return to school. We believe that the final decision will be made when the science and impact of lockdowns are reviewed on May 28th.

If schools reopen on June 1st will all children be returning to school?

No. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be returning. In addition to these year groups, the school will continue to welcome pupils of critical workers who have been attending school since March.

I am a key worker. Will my child stay in the key worker group in school?

This depends on the year in which your child is. If they are in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 they will join their peers in their own year group. If children are in years 2-5 they will remain in the key worker group while in school.

Will class sizes be the same usual?

No. The government have stated that schools should have children in groups of no more than 15 when they are in school. This means that the way in which children are used to coming to school will be different in the coming period should schools reopen.

If I have children in these year groups can I send in their siblings in different year groups?

No. Only children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 are permitted to attend school if it reopens on June 1st. Pupils of all year groups are permitted if they have been attending in the key worker children group.

Will my child return to their normal timetable?

No. Because of the government guidance of using groups of 15 changes will have to be made to to groupings, space and also the timetable. We will need to stagger break and lunchtimes so that all pupils in school have a separate time to play outside in their groups of 15. This new timetable may be quite unfamiliar to pupils but we will do everything we can to make it a smooth process of returning to school.

Will my child have their normal teacher?

Possibly. As we have two classes per year group and need to split pupils in to groups of 15 we cannot guarantee that pupils will have their regular teacher when we return. We will need to utilise teachers from other year groups whose pupils have not returned yet to teach some of the smaller groups. We appreciate that this may be difficult for some pupils and therefore will prepare the groups of 15 pupils as carefully as possible.

Will my child be in their normal class?

Not in the normal sense, no. As mentioned above, children will be in smaller groups of 15. We will endeavour to put children within their friendship groups wherever possible when we return to school.

How will my child socially distance?

We are aware that children, particularly in Reception and Year 1, will find it difficult to social distance. Government guidance says that this is best addressed by putting pupils in to groups of 15 that they will stay in for their entire school day. Items will be regularly washed throughout the day to reduce the risk of germs and infection spreading. We do not believe that the approach suggested by the government is a perfect solution but will remain vigilant throughout this period to reduce this risk wherever possible.

Will drop off an collection happen in the usual way?

No. Because of social distancing measures these times will have to change significantly. We will need to stagger the time at which groups arrive at school and limit the number of adults to one per child when dropping off. We ask that siblings are not brought to school on the school run wherever possible to reduce the number of people on site. We will implement a one way system for parents dropping of their child to reduce contact between them. The timings for drop off and collections will finalised shortly and shared with parents in anticipation for reopening.

What if I choose for my child not to return to school?

As we understand it, parents will not be fined for not sending their children to school during this period as they normally would. The government are are encouraging all parents in the groups returning to send their children to school. We will not be taking any action against parents who choose not send their children back at this time.

How will lunchtimes work?

Lunchtimes will be complicated. With potentially 150 children back in school and limited playground space we will have to limit and schedule the amount of time that children have to play outside. Lunches will be eaten in groups of 15 and not in communal spaces shared with other groups.

What will happen if a child develops symptoms of coronavirus while in school?

Any child who displays any of the symptoms of the coronavirus should not attend school and should follow the guidance around self isolating. If a child develops any symptoms linked to coronavirus they will be sent home and will be required to self isolate. Where this has occurred, parents of children in the same group of 15 will be informed. At this moment in time we are awaiting for confirmation of whether all 15 pupils and staff in the group would need to self isolate in line with government guidance.

My child is not in one of the year groups returning to school first. Will they still be provided with online learning?

Yes. We will continue to set learning for other year groups when Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 return. However, there will have to be some changes to the way in which this is done. Because we will have pupils in smaller groups in school teachers of other year groups will be in school meaning that there are fewer teachers to support pupils remotely. This will mean that there will unfortunately be less interaction and feedback in online and that it may take longer to get a response if children require support. This is far from ideal and is not what we envision for our pupils but is an unfortunate side effect from the reopening of schools. As throughout this period we will endeavour to do our best to ensure the children in year groups at home are still supported with their learning.

Will my child be required to wear uniform?

Wherever possible yes. However, we understand that it will be difficult for parents to order new uniform if their children have grown out of it. Guidance from the government suggests children's uniform is cleaned each day. We appreciate that this may be challenging in terms of the amount of uniform children may have that is suitable. We will be flexible in light of uniform but ask parents to send children in clean uniform each day wherever possible. Classes will have PE scheduled throughout the week. On these days we will ask children to come in to school in their PE kits (again, there will be flexibility in this uniform too) as space to change will not be available given small group sizes. The PE timetable will be shared with parents before reopening.