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Welcome to the school Information page. Mrs Strutton, Mrs Payne and Miss Dickson are always on hand to speak or meet with you if you have any questions about joining our school or would like some further information or clarification on school policy. You are always welcome to visit the office and with a little notice we can arrange a tour of the school. We are very fond of our school and like to talk about it!


If your child is absent from school due to illness, medical appointment or some other reason we ask that you contact school, either by telephone on 01440 763933 or dedicated absence e mail –

Leave of absence: If you are requesting time away from school for any other reason than illness, please complete the Absence Request Form obtained from the school Office. We would ask that you read the “Criteria for absence” before you consider this action. In the case of holidays, these will only be deemed an authorised absence if there are extenuating circumstances. Please be understanding of the school’s rigor in enforcing this policy. School days are precious to a child’s learning and each day is classed as two sessions. If a child misses 10 days of school each academic year they miss approximately 2 terms of schooling overall from the ages of 5 – 16. If we have not heard why your child is not at school by 9.15 am we will contact you and any of your other contacts until we are able to speak to someone who can confirm why your child is absent. We, like many other schools have adopted this procedure to help us ensure your child is safe. If after careful consideration of the ‘Absence Criteria’ you still decide that absence from school is required please collect your form from the school office.




We will give children medicines at school if parents have completed and signed an instruction form. If your child needs asthma inhalers in school these will be kept in the classroom by the teacher, together with a copy of the instruction form and a diary; these will always be taken with your child if they leave school for a visit etc.
Sometimes children are on medication which is only required “as and when”, if a form is completed we will keep the medication in the medication room and administer as needed, as long as you have signed the authority. The School Nurse is a regular visitor to our school, carrying out the medical checks in Reception Year and hearing/site tests as requested by GPs at other times.
The School Nursing Service now run a “drop in” scheme, where one of them comes into school one each half term and is available for parents who want to ask questions, discuss more confidential matters or need help; these dates will be advertised on the notice boards and in the newsle. Please download the Asthma medication form and General medication form below.

School Meals Suffolk County Catering All the school lunches are cooked on the premises and are the responsibility of Suffolk County Catering. The menus are planned twice a year and are on a four week rotation running from April to October and then a change of menu for November to March. A link to their web site is below and the menu up to October is also on this site.

Our cook will also put on a birthday lunch, the birthday person plus seven friends on a special table in the dining hall, and for the cost of an additional meal she will make a birthday cake. The cost for the whole meal is £19.80, ie 8 lunches plus a cake; the birthday person chooses what they will have to eat from a special menu and we even supply the invitations. If you are interested in this please speak to Mrs Maguire or Mrs Strutton in the office.

We also arrange theme lunches from time to time, Mothers Day, Harvest, Friendship, Easter, Sporting events, bonfire night and of course our very special Christmas dinner.

Free School Meals On this site is information about Free School Meals and the criteria for claiming this. If you need any help or require further information please speak to Mrs Maguire or Mrs Strutton Link to County Catering Web site: Infomation about free school meals, can also be downloaded from the above website.




Sue Strutton Admin Assistant

Nicola Payne Admin Assistant 

Charlotte Dickson Admin Apprentice


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