Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Coupals our goal is to help children overcome barriers in their learning to fulfil their potential. We have experience of working with a range of special needs and disabilities as well as a range of external agencies. Our staff are trained in supporting pupils with a range of SEND and our team are continuing to adopt new and innovative approaches to supporting pupils with a range of needs. 

Our SENDCo, Sian Millar, oversees the support in place for SEND across the school and works proactively with parents to identify the support children will need when they join us at Coupals. Miis Millar can be contacted by telephone at school on 01440763933 or by email: senco@coupalsacademy.co.uk.

You will find further information, including our SEND policy, Local Offer, SEND Report and our Accessibility Plan. 

You can find more information about the Local Offer here: 



Below are the Equality Principles of our school for the current Academic Year: 

  • Coupals Primary Academy will provide auxiliary aids that are directly related to disabled children’s educational needs as a reasonable adjustment so they can integrate wholly in all parts of school life.
  • Staff will ensure that all pupils are able to take part in extra-curricular activities and residential visits, and the school will monitor uptake of these visits to ensure no one is disadvantaged on the grounds of a protected characteristic.
  • Coupals Primary Academy will ensure that all forms of prejudice-motivated bullying is taken seriously and dealt with equally and firmly.
  • There will be differential schemes of work designed to meet the abilities and learning styles of all pupils.
  • There will be a clearly defined disciplinary system, which will be consistently enforced.
  • The school will increase access for disabled children and young people to the school curriculum and will take necessary steps to meet pupils’ needs by using a variety of approaches and planning reasonable adjustments for disabled pupils, enabling our pupils to take as full a part as possible in the activities of the school.
  • The school will ensure there is adequate access to the physical environment of the school.
  • The school will improve the delivery of written information to disabled children and young people.
  • The school will seek the views of advisory staff, outside agencies and local schools.
  • Throughout the year, the school will plan ongoing events to raise awareness of equality and diversity.
  • The school will consult with stakeholders, i.e. pupils, parents/carers, staff and relevant community groups, to establish equality objectives and draw up a plan based on information collected on protected groups and accessibility planning. These equality objectives will be reviewed and reported on annually.
  • Bullying and prejudice will be carefully monitored and dealt with accordingly. Regular training will be given to both existing and new staff to ensure that they are aware of the process for reporting and following up incidents of prejudice- related bullying.